Union, New Jersey Personal Loan for Bad Credit Companies

OneMain Financial OneMain Financial
OneMain Financial 1329 Stuyvesant Avenue
Union, NJ   07083
(908) 688-4100
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
PNC Bank PNC Bank
1201 Stuyvesant Avenue
Union, NJ   07083
(908) 206-2943
Hours: M-F 11am-7pm, S 11am-4pm, Sn 9am-4pm
Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
667 Chestnut Street
Union, NJ  07083
(855) 773-2848
Hours: M-T 11am-7pm, W Closed, Th-F 11am-7pm, S 9am-3pm, Sn Closed
Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank
1057 Stuyvesant Avenue
Union, NJ  07083
(908) 709-5600
Hours: M-W 9am-5pm, Th-F 9am-6pm, S 9am-2pm, Sn Closed

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When Cash Runs Short in Union, Payday Loans Index

Image of Union, New-Jersey The last thing anybody wants is to be penalized for something they didn’t even know was wrong, or didn’t mean to do. It’s even worse when one bad decision puts the whammy on your life. So if you find yourself in the danger zone, getting a bad credit personal loan could be your life raft on choppy waters.

People thought you were crazy for commuting to Newark. None of your friends really liked going there, preferring to frequent local places like Joe’s. You knew it wasn’t ideal, but you hadn’t been able to find a job that paid nearly as well anywhere closer to home.

One evening, you were picking up some things at Shop Rite when your buddies called you up to say that they were going drinking. Being a Friday night, this didn’t really surprise you any. What surprised you was that they wanted to hit up this nightclub in downtown Newark.

Intrigued, you said you’d tag along. Of course, they then begged you to drive since you were sort of familiar with where they wanted to go. You agreed to be wheelman, since you didn’t really feel like drinking anyway. So you picked everybody up and headed over to the club.

The next morning, you woke up on your buddy’s couch and didn’t really remember how you ended up there. You had a few cups of coffee to wake up and headed out to your car…which wasn’t parked anywhere you could see it. So you started searching for your keys, which you also couldn’t find.

After several hours of playing ‘what happened’ with severely hung-over people, you realized that it was sitting in an impound lot in Newark, and it was going to take you about a grand to get it out and pay off the tickets. All of your friends were broke, and there was no way you had that kind of cash laying around. What were you going to do?

When your checkbook is suffering from a drought, let Payday Loans Index help bring a much needed rain of cash your way. A personal loan can help keep your finances from withering away to nothing. When bad credit is keeping you from the relief you need, remember that Payday Loans Index offers unique access to 10,471 loan sources that offer personal loans for people with bad credit. Over 2 million people, since 2006, have been successfully paired with the right personal loan source for their situation using our no cost, no obligation pairing service.

Even if your credit score is only poor or fair, you may qualify for $500 to $5,000 with flexible repayment terms ranging from 2 to 36 months. Stop going from lender to lender and filling out form after form! With one short, simple, secure form, you can be paired with a loan source in just moments. Most lenders typically approve loans in moments online and issue funds in 1 to 72 business hours, getting your parched bank account the fluid funds you need quickly. Don’t wait until your bank account turns to dust! Apply now and let us help your finances stay green and healthy today!

Now you just have to find a ride to the lot so you can reclaim your car, which you will never use to taxi your friends again.

New-Jersey Financial Counseling Information

If you feel that you may benefit from the services of a financial counselor, National Debt Relief - Whom Offers a Free Savings Estimate is a leader in financial counseling services for the Union area.