Long Branch, New Jersey Personal Loan Companies

OneMain Financial OneMain Financial
175 Monmouth Road Suite 14A
Long Branch, NJ   07764
(732) 728-0069
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm, S-Sn Closed
Santander Bank Santander Bank
600 Broadway
Long Branch, NJ   07740
(732) 571-2700
Hours: M-W 9am-5pm, Th-F 9am-6pm, S 9am-1pm, Sn Closed
TD Bank TD Bank
101 Parker Road
Long Branch, NJ   07764
(732) 923-1364
Hours: M-W 8:30am-5pm, Th-F 8:30am-8pm, S 8:30am-3pm, Sn 11am-3pm
Two River Bank Two River Bank
359 Monmouth Road
Long Branch, NJ   07764
(732) 443-8300
Hours: M-Th 9am-5pm, F 9am-6pm, S 9am-1pm, Sn Closed
Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank
555 Ocean Boulevard
Long Branch, NJ   07740
(732) 571-7700
Hours: M-Th 8:30am-5pm, S 9am-12pm, Sn Closed

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Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Long Branch, NJ
$500 to $5,000 - Credit Score Less Than 650

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When Cash Runs Short in Long Branch, Payday Loans Index

Image of Long-Branch, New-Jersey Try as you might, sometimes you just can’t avoid the worst-case scenario. If you’ve been slapped with an unwanted expense, a personal loan can help you tackle it.

The only piece of mail you wanted to see less than a bill is a summons. A man you were in a minor traffic accident with, about three months ago, has decided to file suit against you for more damages, lost time at work, and pain and suffering. He’s asking for $20,000.

You think back to that afternoon. It was at the intersection of Joline Avenue and Branchport Avenue. You turned left. He came from the right, and you broadsided each other. In the end, you both were cited for failure to yield. It was cut and dried. You paid the ticket and your insurance handled the claim, and you assumed that was the end of it. Frustrating to be sure, but what’s done is done. So why is this happening now?

There are a few reasons why this comes at a bad time. You’re out on your own for the first time in your life, and are only working part time, and you’re a student at Brookdale Community College. You and a group of friends are renting a house on Fairfield Avenue. In short, you don’t have access to the kind of funds needed for a legal battle. You could just as easily have sued him. The thought crossed your mind, but you didn’t act on it.

A better question now is: How do you handle this? You consult with a lawyer and he tells you that the other guy has a pretty weak case, considering the history of this incident. For $1,500, he’ll go to court with you and the matter will likely be dropped. You can then countersue to get your money back.

What a headache! Thinking it over, you’d rather pay this lawyer $1,500 to get this matter dealt with than risk paying $20,000 if this guy were to win his case against you. There’s just one problem- you need to pay that $1,500 up front, and you will need to pay it by next week. Where can you come up with that kind of money?

What would you do if you could get your hands on the money to solve a problem in your life? Are you hoping to get new appliances for your home? Consolidate and pay down high interest debts? Take some classes? Would a signature loan for $1,000 to $35,000 help make those goals a reality?

Payday Loans Index has helped over two million people, since 2006, achieve a broad range of financial goals by pairing them with the right loan sources for their needs. If you have average, good or excellent credit and are looking for a personal loan, we’ve got you covered. Our no cost, no obligation consumer-to-lender pairing process makes finding the right signature loan source quick and easy.

Whether you’re planning a remodeling project, making a major purchase, or starting a new chapter in your life, an unsecured loan from one of the 12,778 loan sources in our network could give you the tools to get it done. These loans typically offer repayment terms of 6 to 72 months and can be typically be approved online in a matter of minutes, and funded in 1 to 72 business hours. Why wait? Apply now!

After a few days of going over and over the details, the case was dismissed. Thank goodness you qualified for a personal loan. As you head home from Long Branch Municipal Court, you breathe a sigh of relief. Life can go back to normal, thanks to your personal loan.

New-Jersey Financial Counseling Information

If you feel that you may benefit from the services of a financial counselor, National Debt Relief - Whom Offers a Free Savings Estimate is a leading provider of financial counseling services for the Long-Branch area.