Marshall, Missouri Personal Loan Companies

Bank 21 Bank 21
586 West Arrow Street
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 886-6941
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
Bank of America Bank of America
102 East Arrow Street
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 886-9656
Hours: M-Th 8am-5pm, F 8am-6pm, S 8am-12pm, Sn Closed
Bank Midwest Bank Midwest
1035 Cherokee Drive
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 886-6836
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
Exchange Bank of Missouri Exchange Bank of Missouri
929 West Vest Street
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 886-8577
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
Heights Finance Heights Finance
779 South Odell Avenue
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 831-5164
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
OneMain Financial OneMain Financial
166 West Arrow Street
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 886-6951
Hours: M 8am-5pm, T 10am-7pm, W 8am-5pm, Th 10am-7pm, F 8am-5pm, S-Sn Closed
World Finance Corporation World Finance Corporation
819 Cherokee Drive
Marshall, MO  65340
(660) 831-1100
Hours: M 8:30am-6pm, T-Th 8:30am-5:30pm, F 8:30am-6pm, S-Sn Closed

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Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Marshall, MO
$500 to $5,000 - Credit Score Less Than 650

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When Cash Runs Short in Marshall, Payday Loans Index

Image of Marshall, Missouri There are more uses for a personal loan than there are tales about Marshall’s “Jim the Wonder Dog.” What could you do if you had a bit more money?

Buying a new home has been a great experience. That is, until you bought a new microwave on sale at Goody’s. Now every time your refrigerator kicks on, if your microwave is also on, you blow a fuse. It seems like a small issue, but it sure is irritating.

Being pretty smart, you moved the microwave to another part of the kitchen, hoping to get it off of the circuit that the fridge is on. That didn’t help. Then you plotted out what circuit every single fixture and outlet in your home is on. That’s when you noticed that a past owner was a dim bulb playing with the wiring, or there just aren’t enough circuits to go around. There are way too many things on your kitchen’s circuit.

You finally admit that this is beyond your abilities and call G & S Electrical Contractors and ask them to pay you a visit and see if they can exorcise your electrical demons. A friendly gentleman stops by, tests outlets with a weird wand looking thing, and then spends some time standing in front of your fuse box with a look of horror and, appropriately, shock.

Not only is the wiring in your home outdated, but someone apparently added on things to circuits over the years and overloaded them. He also discovers a few possible fire hazards. You need to upgrade to a higher amperage service, get a breaker panel installed, have some areas of your home re-wired and sort out this mess. You’re looking at $10,000 to $15,000 in work. While it’s tempting to take your new microwave back to the store, you know you really should fix this. How can you come up with the money for this?

What if finding the money to solve your problems was as simple as filling out a short form online? It’s not wishful thinking- people do it every day here at Payday Loans Index. We offer a unique network with access to over 12,778 signature loan sources that can offer loans for a variety of needs.

From $1,500 to move to another city to pursue a better job, to $35,000 for a major home remodeling project, a personal loan can be just the boost you need to get closer to your target. We’ve helped over two million people find the right sources for their unique lending needs. From education costs, to elective surgery that your medical insurance won’t cover, to buying new furniture; with flexible repayment terms ranging from 12 to 72 months, a multitude of doors can be opened with our consumer-to-lender pairing process. Just complete one short, secure form. We’ll pair you with the right unsecured loan sources in our network and you can choose to complete a loan with one of more of them. People with average credit, good credit, or excellent credit are typically approved and see their funds in 72 business hours or less. There’s no cost or obligation, so take the next step on the road to your aspirations. Apply now!

Now the only thing that will be shocking in your home is your choice of paint colors in the living room. It’s okay, we won’t judge.

Missouri Financial Counseling Information

If you feel that you may benefit from the services of a financial counselor, National Debt Relief - Whom Offers a Free Savings Estimate is a leading provider of financial counseling services for the Marshall area.